Freedom Trail

Boston, MA

Knowing absolutely nothing about Boston except Fenway Park, Paul Revere, the ducks and the constant urging we MUST go to Mike’s pastry we trekked into the heart of the city. It wasn’t a smooth start as we mistakenly thought we could take our bikes with us on the Green Line. So after stopping a stranger to help us figure out the train pass (yay kind people!) we were turned around and had to regroup. Round 2 without bikes and a backpack large enough to hold our lunches went much smoother. Feeling triumphant in our ability to read a map better than train rules we made our first stop….Fenway Park! It was a short walk to the field from the train station, but that was the best part! We walked around the field and pictured how much everything around the park must have changed over the years. Can you imagine what the city looked like when Babe Ruth was here?

Before we started our Freedom Trail journey we had lunch in the Boston Common park which is the oldest park in the USA. We headed over to the Public Garden where the famous (smaller than C imagined) ducks live. Then we began our adventure on the Freedom Trail, which is a 2.5 mile trail taking you through the city and into Charlestown stopping at 16 different historical sites along the way. No doubt we will be visiting Boston again in our RV adventures.We learned, we walked miles and miles and we left craving more adventures exploring and learning about our founding fathers.

Our favorites were:

The famous Mike's Pastry in Little Italy
Paul Revere House
Ferry back to Boston was a welcome tip, our feet were beyond tired and ready for a break
ParkStreet Church
Faneuil Hall
USS Constitution