Coachmen Factory

Middlebury, IN

Being first time RV owners one of the big perks of buying a new RV is the warranty that comes with the unit. We recently took our baby back to the factory to have some minor issues addressed. We are fortunate to have picked up our unit originally from the factory and they are so wonderful they allowed us to comeback to have our warranty work down by the experts! Many of you know we are madly in love with our RV, but what you may not know is how much we adore more the people who built her. The factory is full of caring, loving, attentive people who put their heart and soul into the homes on wheels they create.

As full timers in our beautiful home we were concerned on what to expect as we put our RV through the rigors of road life. Now everyone’s results will vary on what issues they will have. Our coach had very simple and easy problems.

  • The hinge window behind the bathroom on the Galleria 24FL appeared to be opening slightly. Thankfully it wasn’t at the point it was allowing leaking and they were able to tighten it down.
  • Our step molding at the sliding door was showing some signs of a small cracking in the corners of the step. Coachmen was able to replace the whole piece with a matching runner.
  • We noticed over the months the water pump was running more frequently than we expected. Turns out it needed to be pressurized which was an easy fix for the guys.
  • If you follow or watch our YouTube channel, you might notice in the dumping the tanks video (Hopalongrving) our black tank valve was having some issues sticking despite our attempts to keep it well-greased. This was replaces and it’s been smooth sailing since.
  • Our backup camera was always at as light tilt and we were unable to get it to pivot in the socket. Turns out it was jammed up a bit so they replaced it with one which lines up perfectly.
  • We had a crack in the interior of our fridge we noticed the first time we had to defrost our fridge. Since it was under warranty we were able to get a replacement unit.
  • Probably due to our love of the ocean, but the pivoting mirror in our bathroom was beginning to rust – easy swap out to a new one and we will be more cautious of our saltwater air :P
  • It’s a small thing, but on the road with no tools it was so nice of them to put in our rear cup holders- so much easier with power tools!

Our time at the factory was during a training week so we were fortunate enough to get to try out some ideas we had for our home. We not only got to use their power tools, you have no idea how much we miss home improvement projects, but also got to build some heat blocking items to help us survive the summer heat. Keep an eye out for our Sunday Van tour video coming up on the cooling techniques/tips we have come up with. Last, but not least C got to deep clean our house before we loaded all our stuff back in and hit the road again!