Dayton, OH

Bombers, Brownies & Badasses!!

We had no idea how much history we would find in Dayton, OH. It’s the home of the National Museum of the United States Air Force, which is an enormous 4 hangar complex. We only spent a few hours, but we could have easily taken days to go through each exhibit. They have plenty of planes to walk through and more military history than you could ever imagine!

A friend suggested we make a pit stop at Dorothy Lane Markets to try one their Killer Brownies. We ran into a local woman out front as we were taking our corny photo op ;) When we told her we were there for KB (as they are known by locals) she told us to try the original and the plain fudge brownie. We were also warned us they are truly addicting and she was 100% right.

Dayton is also home the Dayton Aviation Heritage National Historical Park where you can learn everything you could ever want to know about the Wright brothers. Being from NC the “first in flight” state we were surprised by all the things we learned about the Wright Brothers and their path to taking flight. They started as printers, moved on to building bicycles and then eventually used their mechanical mindset to solve the puzzle of human driven flight.