Dear Friends

Greensboro, GA

Years ago we had the privilege of meeting Tim Simpson while J was in recovery and doing rehab at the Center for the Intrepid (CFI) in San Antonio, TX. While in town competing on the Champions Tour, Tim was sharing his time with wounded veterans through the non-profitTroops First Foundation and their Improvised Explosive Day (IED) of Golf event. J was newly amputated, but more than happy to be vertical so he participated in the event on crutches playing 9holes of golf on one leg (impressive but terrifying to watch for everyone else!).

After the round completed they provided a beautiful banquet dinner and David Feherty spoke to everyone. We sat and admired all the people in attendance willing to give up their time to spend with the troops at the event. Nearing the end of the banquet Tim came up and asked J questions about his recovery, the strange world of vancamicine (antibiotics still being administered by us 4 times a day via his PICC line), and how long J had played golf. People tend to take note of a one legged golfer haha. After an hour or so of conversation and heart felt discussions we all exchange contact information in order to keep in touch.

The next day unexpectedly Tim called to check on us and to offer for us to be his guest for the Champion’s Tour tournament that weekend. We were more than excited for the offer mostly J to be outside mobile after so long in a hospital bed and wheel chair. We happily followed Tim the entire 54-hole tournament. In between swings and competition Tim would take the opportunity to converse more with us, introduce us to more of his fellow Champions Tour competitors and discuss the newly found sport of golf.

Over the years we developed a wonderful relationship with Tim. We each have made trips to one another’s houses,shared stories and experiences, and probably as you guessed played many rounds of golf together. The relationship has grown to become an extension of family.

Walking around Tim’s house his love for family is obvious. He has photos throughout of his children,grandchildren, and his Mom and Dad (WWII Veteran we are blessed to spend time with). He enjoys sharing their successes and current events with everyone. Mixed in with his family’s photos are his numerous golf accolades and articles from his days on the PGA Tour and his own struggle medically with a bout of Lyme’s Disease. He understands the difficultly of overcoming physical ailments and has harnessed his own personal struggle to assist others in overcoming theirs either through coaching the game of golf or motivational engagement. Tim has been a dear friend to us over the years and has inspired many with his determination and perseverance.