Hershey RV Show

Hershey, PA

The Hershey, Pennsylvania RV show is advertised as one of the largest RV shows in the United States with over 33 football fields of RV’s. When we arrived we were surprised and slightly overwhelmed by its size and the amount of people. Shockingly, there are more Class B RVs in the parking lot than we have seen at all the RV dealers we have visited combined.Talk about exciting!

We headed to the show thinking with all the research we have done, all the models we have gone to see, all the options on interiors we have seen we KNEW which model was right for us. So we did the only logically thing, we used our printed map (available on their website before the show) to plot out our visit. We purposefully started at the opposite end of “the one” we already knew we loved to force ourselves to really (and I mean REALLY) look at all the other options.After all the whole reason we came to this HUGE show was to look at other options. As we went through each RV we took pictures of the important stuff including: outside of model, interior pictures, pricing sheet, and business card of dealer/manufacture we spoke with.These pictures were to help jog our memory and remind ourselves of not only the models we saw, but the questions we wanted to research on our own later.

It was great to look at the inventory of all the manufactures we have mostly seen online or in passing at RV dealers/RV Trader postings. An advantage to the Hershey RV Show is you are afforded the opportunity to ask question from manufactures and get answers which sales people (bless their hearts) have no clue about. We found in our experience the manufacture representatives are not commissioned based, they know the vehicles inside and out, and have no problem shooting you straight.

The RV show is overwhelming both in its size and the mere options and choices you have to look at. This can lead to frustrations between each other as the day wears on. We have said it before, but when you start nitpicking or arguing over silly stuff (does it really matter if……..) take a break and grab some grub. Remember you don’t have to make a decision on that day and it is supposed to be an exciting fun time together! Additionally, we chose to take a break with a snack and some of the seminars offered on RV topics. As mentioned in our RV show post seminars area great place to learn and meet others. Some are hit and miss, some are too specific and some are exactly what you need.

We went back through our pictures and discussed if there were any additional questions we had or things we wanted to look through again. And we did just that, we went back to 3 of the manufactures and asked more questions. Remember ask, re-ask, and ask again… if it doesn’t sound right (again sales people are helpful but cannot possibility know everything about every unit) note it, look it up and seek an answer elsewhere. I personally love it when the response to my question is “I’m not sure” because to me this means they know they do not know it all and are willing to be honest about it. We are all human. Don’t forget you have likely been researching a particular model for months and months at this point so you know all sorts of intricacies about the vehicle.The sales representatives have to have a working knowledge about all the units their dealers sell so they know more about general RV topics and the newest features available. After we were sure we had grabbed all the pictures/pricing/business cards/dealer information we left the show.

Since this particular show is a 5-day event we planned to use a day on, day off method. By deciding this beforehand it help us distance ourselves from the show/excitement and make decisions on purchasing using research, our budget and most importantly a clear head. We use dour “off” day to review the photos, do online research, call other dealers offering similar units, research/compare warranties, create lists of questions we wanted to ask while we had the opportunity to talk to manufactures.

Again one unique thing about the Hersey PA RV show is the manufactures are there to answer any questions you many have about the model, take this opportunity to ask why certain things have been done. We had pages of questions we were prepared with and were able to get all of them answered either directly or by a phone call from them back to the plant to get it for us. Just an amazing resource in making you feel much happier about your choice of vehicle.


  1. This show is HUGE, be prepared to be overwhelmed in a wonderful way.
  2. Look at all you options, where else will you get to see all these different manufactures in one place?!
  3. Take breaks when needed, take photos to help you remember, seminars are a great resource to enjoy while you are there.
  4. Ask all the question you ever wanted to ask!