Hot Springs National Park

Healing Hot Springs

We were absolutely in awe of Hot Springs National Park and the town itself.Located at the base of the Ouachita Mountains, Hot Springs NP had at one point46 different hot springs coming to the surface. The town was built around the healing waters and the medical need of those who traveled from all across the country to soak in the water. We stayed at the campgrounds within the National Park and spent our days hiking the many trails, exploring the town and swimming in the river that ran behind the campground.

Should you find yourself in Hot Springs you may enjoy:

  • Becoming a junior ranger by answering the questions throughout the3 story National Park building, the Promenade and walking Bath house row. Don’t forget to get your National Parks passport stamped - they have 4 stamps forth is location!
  • Hiking (or driving) to the Mountaintop look out and gift shop,where you can get a 360 degree view of the mountains surrounding the area.
  • Taking the cell phone tour of the town, with short and informative stops all over town.
  • Treating yourself to a Root Beer Float (or a beer) at Superior,the world’s only brewery using thermal hot springs to brew their beer and root beer.
  • Visiting the Mountain Valley bottled water museum, it’s free and they offer samples of their newest product.
  • Taking a stroll along the Promenade, enjoying the border between nature and city. Back in its heyday this walk was taken by the wealthy patrons of the bathhouses who used the pathway to circulate their blood and speed up the healing process.
  • Grabbing a drink or bite to eat at the oldest bar in Arkansas, the Ohio club famous for their gangster and speakeasy activity back in the day.They have the original hand carved bar still in use today and they have Al Capone memorabilia on display.
  • Taking the Historic Baseball Trail and learn about how Hot Springs,AR was the birthplace of spring baseball thanks to Cap Anson bringing his Chicago White Stockings (Cubs) here in 1886.
  • Checking out the many rock stores, soda shops, gift shops and ice cream parlors.
  • Filling up on free spring water, dispensed at many fountains throughout town. The hot ones are super-hot (144 degrees) and therefore are untreated. The cold springs (Happy Hollow) dispense cold water that has been treated to make it safe to consume.
  • Hike, Hike, Hike – with the many easy to navigate trails throughout the park you will be sure to find a trail that fits your interests.