Lake Meriwether

Woodbury, GA

At each leg of our journey we plotted out several locations to stay. Our primary choice on the first stop was Lake Meriwether Park in Woodbury, GA. Lake Meriwether Park simply is a hidden gem with spectacular views, wonderful hospitality and unbeatable price. Being we are water loving people when we began plotting out our “Bermuda Land Triangle” trip we looked for lake or beach side camping as often as possible.The fall changing of the leaves near a body of water is un-paralleled. As our trip neared our first stopping pointwe decided to give the park a call. The gate closes at 6 pm and our GPS had us arriving at 6:45 pm. The lake care taker let us know, “No problem,just give me a call when you get closer and I’ll meet ya’ll out there.” When we arrived and called him, he arrived in 10 minutes, gave us a lay of the land and since we were the only people staying on the grounds for the night he invited us to set up camp wherever we would like. The grounds are well kept, have picnic tables, park benches, clean restrooms, a beautiful view of the 144 acre lake and most importantly has the kindest lake care taker in all the land.After getting set up we were able to whip up some food and relax while listening to the sounds of deer running along the bank and owls hooting. We did learn daddy long leg spiders are not fans of LED lantern lights and had to transition to head lamps to lessen the amount of spider visitors we received.

We found this great article about fishing at Lake Meriwether.