Lake Meriwether Caretaker

Woodbury, GA

We would be remised if we didn’t tell you a little bit more about the lake caretaker and goodwill ambassador, Robert Lovett, who made our stay special and unforgettable. Robert Lovett, USN veteran, 78 years old took over caring for Lake Meriwether Park after his dear friend, John Heard, passed away in 2015.Mr. Lovett was incredibly helpful, kind and made our stay remarkable. He has deep history in the town and proudly showed us photos of visitors from the past who have come to the lake. Mr. Lovett came back in the morning to see us off and tell us more about the rich history of the town. He told us about the thriving film industry (the Walking Dead and Lawless were filmed nearby), the history of the water treatment plant, and his own family’s history in the town.We loved our time with Mr. Lovett and his love for the town, the lake and the people who pass through were evident. Prior to leaving the area Mr. Lovett took us over to the Red Oak Creek covered bridge for one last piece of history in the area. Make sure to keep an eye out for our post and pics of our visit to the bridge.

LakeMeriwether Park (728 Lake Meriwether Rd Woodbury GA 706-975-3110

  • Fishing per person
  • $2Tent camping
  • $5RV camping
  • $15Pavillion rental $35