Leading Up

To RV Life

The decision to take up full time RV life and travel the United States has been exhilarating, terrifying (in a good way), nerve-wracking, and hectic. We would love to tell you it has been nothing but fun and excitement except the leading up to it has been a roller coaster of emotional entertainment. We don’t want to lie to you and have you think it will be smooth sailing, but this isn’t always a world of rainbows and unicorns as much as we want it to be. The process of selling, donating, giving away the mass majority of our belongings and downsizing from 3,000 sq feet to less than 150 sq ft Class B RV has been a test to our marriage and our communication skills.

You know when you have the friend on Facebook who’s wall is nothing, but a perfect world where nothing ever goes wrong? This blog will not be that, we were fortunate to have people be brutally honest with us along the way. They warned us no matter how much you were into downsizing or paring down the process is trying at best.

We like to think we have a handle on the planning process of life and have done our best to ensure we didn’t fill our home with needless items. We were often accused of living a “sterile” lifestyle as we constantly work to keep things in their place and refrain from having an abundance of items on our counters. Prior to purchasing our boat (which was a whole other stress of selling), we spent 9 months of solid research into everything we could possibly think of. Every year we make sure we “purge” and spring clean the house of unused items. We really enjoy getting rid of things and living a pretty sanitary life. Even with all this there seems to be an endless sea of stuff for us to weed through.

Now,most would think getting rid things is easy to do, but it has been such an adventure we have developed a “Bicker-o-meter”. We give ourselves a pat on the back for the days we don’t bicker, but overall it has definitely strengthened our communication with each other. Since we started this process there hasn’t been a day where we haven’t been aggravated with either each other, the processor just feeling overwhelmed.

In order to get over it we are constantly reminding ourselves why we are doing this and stopping whatever it is we are doing to just hug, kiss or say sorry if needed. There is no one in particular who is at fault, it is just not easy to filter through all of your belongings and make tough decisions. Focus on your reasoning for making this massive change of lifestyle and what is really important in life. The key to getting through this for us was 1. Talk about it,be honest it’s ok to feel overwhelmed at times. 2. Remember our end goal. 3.Don’t take anything too seriously!