License To Carry

Austin, TX

As American’s and believers in the Constitution we firmly believe in an individual’s right to legally and properly own and carry a handgun openly or concealed. In order to make our nomadic lifestyle possible were are limited on which state to determine our domicile. This limits as well the reciprocity of that states License to Carry (LTC). Of the options (FL, SD, or TX) we chose TX in part because of the LTC reciprocity and laws being similar to our home state. The process to obtain a LTC is fairly simple and easy to complete.

Texas LTC Steps

  1. Verify Eligibility (Eligibility) age, past convictions,chemical dependence, etc.
  2. Register for LTC class taught by an instructor certified by the state which includes class (4 – 6 hrs) and range shooting time. The cost of the class is roughly $65 a person.
  3. Apply online to the Texas DPS Application. (TX DPS App ) The current cost for an initial license is $40 for standard, $25for Military Veteran and $0 for Active Duty.
  4. Upon completing your Texas DPS Application you’ll be directed to schedule your finger printing (Indentogo) done through IdentoGO. This took about 10 minutes and cost $10 a person.
  5. Submit all required supporting documents based on the application being submitted. This include the certificate from LTC completed class and any other requirements via state website.
  6. Wait 3-6 weeks for license to be mailed to you. Note that during the wait time you CANNOT conceal carry but you can follow open carry laws and conceal carry laws for vehicles/homes.

Something non-gun owners may not understand about being a licensed conceal carry individual is that the laws and requirements once you are licensed are stricter. If you are a licensed to carry person and are carrying your gun you can consume NO alcohol. There is literally no legal amount to consume, if you are carrying and have one drink you are no longer legally carrying. If a licensed carrier commits a crime while in possession of a weapon the felony class is increased automatically.Additionally you are expected to inform police when you encounter them that you are a license holder even if you are not carrying a weapon at the time.

Tips for encountering Police:

  • Roll down your window and turn off your car
  • If nighttime, turn on your overhead light
  • Keep hands on steering wheel, visible at all times
  • If you have passengers ask them to remain quiet while you speak to the officer
  • Never make sudden movement or reach for anything in the car (this includes going for your registration especially if your gun is stored there)
  • If you have a concealed carry permit announce that you have your license and where your gun is (if you have no gun with you say so) DO NOT REACH for your gun.Always TELL the officer and ask then what they would like you to do. You may be asked to step out of the car so that they can remove your gun from your holster/gun box. Do not be offended, officers want to make it home to their loved ones, they are doing what is best to protect themselves and others. We choose to keep our Driver’s License and our CCP together so that we can hand both items to the officer at the same time.

Texans love their guns and from what we have seen in our time in the state the laws are crystal clear to everyone involved. Like did you know that you can legally conceal carry into the Capitol building in Austin? There are apparently two lines, a non-gun holder line and a concealed carry line, where you are asked to present you license for a quick database check.

Due to our constant state of motion and that laws change drastically throughout the United States we opted for a nationwide legal team representative. This affords us the opportunity to call and ask questions directly from attorneys and keep ourselves truly informed of our rights and requirements. We hope we will never have to use our weapons to defend ourselves or others but we are grateful for the peace of mind that comes from having the knowledge of how to legally and properly defend ourselves. We hope to do a post in the future about the gun laws specific related to Class B RVs, let us know if you have any question we should start looking into.