Magnolia Table & Market

Waco, TX

Please don’t hate us when we tell you up until a month ago we had never heard of the show “Fixer Upper” or the spectacularly famous couple Joanna and Chip Gaines from Waco, TX. We know, We know it’s shocking- we are sorry!! At the urging ofour loved ones and strangers alike we planned an outing to visit both Magnolia Table and Magnolia Market.

We arrived at Magnolia Table after experiencing our first roundabout with C driving (very exciting :/) to discover the parking lot packed (obviously) so we swung over to the Rudy’s Gas Station/BBQ in the same area to fill up our tanks and survey the parking options.

Walking around the Table grounds they have a bakery section that sells breads, cupcakes and some Magnolia themed items. It was packed but there were plenty of very helpful staff members willing to answer any questions you may have. On the opposite side of the bakery was the waiting list line (approximately 40 people waiting in line to be put on the waiting list) where they kindly give their best guess possible on your wait time. When we were there on a Monday around1030 am the wait was about 2.5 hours. The next area we explored was the massive waiting areas (we would say 70% of Magnolia Table is waiting areas) they had both covered areas as well as AstroTurf areas to allow children to play games and enjoy the sunshine. One thing we were blow away by was the absolutely picturesque flowers and planters. Everywhere you turn there is view right out of a Home and Garden magazine. Though we decided to opt for quick service at Rudy’s rather than wait the 2.5 hours we stopped several people to ask them about their experience. Everyone we spoke to said it was the best breakfast they had ever had, the service was unbelievable and they were happy they chose to wait. So if you have the time and desire we strongly suggest you check out this place. Plus if your crowd gets hungry while waiting, there is always Rudy’s next door for a snack to hold you over.

Magnolia Market

We read all the blogs about “10 things to know before you go to Magnolia Market, but we were still shocked by the sheer size and amount of people at the Market.

Here is our top 10 things to know list:

  1. First and foremost if you are coming to visit, plan to circle for parking. There is a FREE parking lot attached to the market but it is always full and they do NOT allow RV parking. But fear not Waco is a pretty tiny town you can park a few blocks away on the street for free and enjoy walking the streets of Waco. The church next door has seized the opportunity (smart cookies) to increase their income by charging $10 for parking at the nearest parking lot not owned by Magnolia.
  2. There are food trucks lining the outdoor area of the Market, they offer a wide variety of foods. I wish I had known they were there, I wouldn’t have filled up on BBQ!
  3. They offer a free shuttle (Silo Trolley) so that you can park by and be used over avoiding the chaos of parking.
  4. Dogs are allowed on leash in the outdoor sections.
  5. You can bring any foods or games you’d like – want to play catch with you kiddos and then feed them PB and J? No problem what so ever!
  6. Going to the Market is free – you can spend hours there without spending a dime (though let’s be honest if we didn’t live in a van I assure you we would have left with plenty.)
  7. The Market has it’s own bakery/coffee shop which has a L O N G line but many people were strolling around happy as they could be with their mason jar drinks and full bellies.
  8. Have a question? Need some help? Look around for the helpful staff all wearing Magnolia shirts – they answered my oddball questions with a smile.
  9. If you are fan of Chip and going to see stuff from him you might be disappointed. “Chip’s Corner” is a very small section (about 12’ x 15’) filled with funny signs, cookbooks and shirts.
  10. Be prepared to be in awe of what 2 people in a loving community can build. We just kept saying “wow they have an incredible following” the whole time we visited Magnolia. To see that a loving couple changed their town to the degree Chip and Joanna did was amazing and we are grateful we got to see a glimpse of their legacy.