Mods & Upgrades

Things we can’t live without

Approaching our one year mark of living thefull time life we took a moment to look around and note the changes big andsmall we have made in our home on wheels. We bought the Galleria 24 FL becausewe absolutely love the layout, the clean lines and all the included features. Additionally, we are doing this travel on afairly tight budget so we have not purchased/changed much, but what we havedone has made our travels more enjoyable for us. This post has every hyperlinkyou could ever want for the items we mention. Knowing data can be tight on theroad so hopefully adding the links helps you find solutions which work best foryou in your travels!

  1. A tire gauge which reads over 70 psi. We totally overlooked this crucial tool for our van toolbox. Our recommended psi is 60 so a reader which reaches over is necessary.
  2. A Surge protector for our electrical. We went with the cheaper one which will have to be replaced if it has a surge of power due to its smaller size. We love how simple it is and how much it has given us peace of mind.
  3. We added a fabric shower curtain(actually 2 one black and one fun) on a flexible track directly behind the driver/passenger seats. This small addition has made quick run ins to stores, city boondocking and quick outfit changes much easier for us. It keeps the heat from the front windows from overheating our cabin and adds more privacy. As an added bonus the front seats can then double as C’s phone booth for her morning calls to her sister.
  4. Our Dash camera has made us breath so much easier – you wouldn’t believe how often we get cut off or how often we have to abruptly stop due to lack of planning of others. With 11,000 + lbs it’s not always a guarantee we will be able to stop in time. Our camera ensures we have an unbiased witness to any accidents which may occur.
  5. Quick disconnects on all of our hoses(filter/pressure regulator/outdoor shower, etc.) have been a god send – we don’t have kinked hoses and hook up takes a quarter of the time. Plus we would rather replace quick disconnects from wear and tear than the bibs attached to our van.
  6. Storage is always an issue in such a tiny space. Command strip products have saved a number of times. This huge basket keeps track of all our extra toiletries in the shower. It drains,holds 8 lbs and has freed up precious drawer space. We used tiny command strips/clips to hang fun lights to hold family/friend/fun pictures. Also our bedside tables (shelves)from this 3Piece decorative shelf set sold by Walmart filled down the backs and slapping tons of command strips to secure them in place. They fit the space perfectly, are light and can hold all of our small trinkets/rings/cellphones/etc.More storage solutions necessities are the Ikea Skubb storage organizers, in C’s closet it keeps her clothing separated and easily accessed.
  7. Nothing beats being self-sufficient on the road. Our coach already had 200watts of solar, but in order to power our 12 volt fridge completely from solar 300watts would be best. We ordered an additional 100 watt Go Power! Panel, some three way connectors, extension cables to feed into our 2 other panels. Make sure you get long enough cables as we had to reorder! Some of the recommended glue made quick work of adding the panel to our roof.
  8. We love warm weather, but no matter how fancy the inside our coach is still a tin can. Becoming inventive with ways to help beat the heat has been a must! We purchased a Heat Shield windshield cover designed for the Mercedes Benz has drastically cut down on the heat in the front cab. An A/C vent deflection has aided in pushing the air flow throughout the entire coach. A small clip on oscillating fan has been wonderful especially when we are in between temperatures where we don’t want to use heat/ac. One of our larger projects was buying some R15 Rock Wool insulation and adding it behind the panels of all the door sand above the driver/passenger seat. For the low cost of $50 and an afternoon of itching we have cut down the heat in our RV significantly. Be sure to call your Home Depot ahead of time, many have to special order this item. The fantastic fan is, well, fantastic! The feature to close when it rains gives great peace of mind, but when we are boondocking it is our only air source. To fix this we bought a Fan-Tastic Vent U15000WH Ultra Breeze cover to allow it to function fully, but remain enclosed. An added benefit has been the reduction of direct sunlight through the fan. The installation was easy and we have experienced no issues with the function of the fan. Don’t forget the bug screen and recommended sealant!

Smaller Items:

  • Our Perfect Tear wall mount Paper towel holder is mounted under our upper cabinets. With tear assist for one hand operation we use less and it keeps our counters free, plus it doesn’t let the roll slide off/roll without force.·
  • Dry erase board on fridge which is great for quick notes and keeping our grocery list handy·
  • Steelie phone holder for the back of both our phones. Whoever is driving has an easy place to store their phone. We loved it so much we bought one designed for our bike!
  • Coffee is important to our daily routine. One of the first things we did was buy a short extension cord to run behind the counters to under the sink. One it keeps our counters tidy plus onetime it actually saved our coffee pot during a near accident. It kept the machine from crashing to the floor during an evasive driving move.
  • Map place mat and stickers to mark our progress of all the wonderful cites we’ve visited.·
  • We love talking to new people and nothing starts a conversation faster than one of these US maps! It helps us keep track of all the great places we have been and the amazing states still to come. Putting on a new sticker is a BIG deal for us and it helps spark conversations at gas stations, campgrounds and Walmart’s alike.