Montgomery, AL

Capitol of Alabama

Montgomery was fun! We have never been to a capital city that was so clean, empty and welcoming. Our first day we went to the Capitol building and used there easy to follow free tour map to learn more about the building. There is currently a bicentennial traveling exhibit about Alabama’s history, we learned more than we ever expected to! Like did you know that in West Alabama camp Aliceville housed almost 6,000 German Prisoners of War?

Another interesting thing about the Capitol was all the detail inside the building. The staircase was built by Horace King an engineer we fell in love with during our trip to Lake Meriwether, GA. His skill is truly un-paralleled and his story is even more impressive.

Last but not least we were surprised to find that the beautiful trim work throughout the building was actually an impressive paint technique (tompe l’oeil) used to give the illusion of thousands of dollars’ worth of wood trimming.

Our next stop on the Capitol City tour was the first white house of the confederacy,President Jefferson Davis and his family lived in the home until 1861. We liked how they restored the home and furniture in each room to set a scene from the era. The nursery was our favorite, interesting how current day nurseries are not that much different even 150 years later.

In North Carolina we do not have happy hours, I know shocking. So we seized the chance to explore the rest of the Capitol City with a happy hour hop. First stop was CC’s Daiquiris where you tell them your likes and dislikes and they give you samples until you find the one you like. Yummm! Then we went to the largest Mellow Mushroom we have ever been to, loved their Mardi Gras flare.Last stop was the Alley where the entire city block has restaurants and bars all connected by, you guessed it, an alley. One of the coolest spots was the Aviator bar which had hundreds of model planes, books and flying memorabilia.We weren’t terribly impressed with their service or their pricing but we were still glad we stopped for a few photo ops.

We ended our evening with an exploration of the riverfront park. Were there were families playing catch, people going for jogs and a beautiful sunset to capture.

The next day we hit up the on base golf course, let’s call it the most interesting placed golf course we’ve encountered. On one side of the course is the runway and the other is a minimum security federal prison and just to keep it interesting, there were cows too!

We stopped at Martin’s Restaurant for the best fried chicken we have EVER had. The sweet tea and mac and cheese were pretty amazing too!

Our last milestone of our Montgomery trip was taking Gunny Fred Venus on a field trip to the W.A Gayle Planetarium. It was amazinnnng! We learned that horoscopes are assigned to the months based on where they line up to the sun(i.e. in December the constellation Capricorn is lined up with the sun.)