Noccalula Falls Park

Gadsen, AL

Those of you who know us personally know that we are a bit overzealous when it comes to planning and researching. We spend months comparing reviews of products and/or locations trying to make the “best decision” on what to buy and where to go. Full time RVing is going to test that habit like we have never been tested before. We vowed to one another that we would attempt to be more flexible,research less and ask (strangers) more. We both love to meet new people and see new things but in the past we would save any suggests we received for our “next trip” as we already had our path mapped out. We call this new mentality “Semper Gumby” meaning always flexible. We have to roll with the punches, for the first time our lives we get to change our path at a whim and we are learning to embrace this new foreign freedom. Which leads us to the story of how we found a hidden treasure in Alabama.

We just saw a sign for the lottery (yeah I know it’s a waste of money…but wishing and hoping is well worth the $2 investment) when we were leaving GA into AL.Needing to grab some diesel we decided to stop at the station right inside AL,and to our surprise AL does not participate in the lottery but we ended up leaving with a more concrete prize. We met a kind native Alabama couple (Dee Dee and Bill) who asked us about our RV and where we were heading. Telling them that we were heading to TX to be full time residence and that we were hoping to make it near Birmingham by night fall he told us we simply had to change our course to include the Noccalula Falls. The way they both lit up in speaking of the falls, the history of the falls and the sights we knew we had to see it too. So we did just that, we hoped back in our home and scrambled to find the address (can you guess how many failed attempts we had at spelling that correctly) and changed our course.

To our great surprise as we search for a campground near the falls we found that there was actually one attached to the fall sight. It had great reviews and was the same price as the campsite we had intended to stay at for the night, does it get any better than that?! Turns out it does!! As we pulled approached the camp address we saw Christmas lights for as far as the eye could see!! Apparently the Noccalula Falls Park decorates with MILLIONS of Christmas lights every year from Thanksgiving until the end of December and it was attached to the campgrounds!!! I could barely contain myself long enough to check in to our campsite. We got everything plugged in and warming up and headed over to the lights! At $6 a person this light display was a steal. We walked around for hours looking at the lights, touring the pioneer village, writing a letter to Santa, drinking hot cocoa and video calling the two biggest Christmas lovers in our lives to share the experience with them. There was a free train ride available too but we were already frozen so we opted out. Christmas at the falls was an absolutely wonderful experience and really warmed our hearts,despite our frozen fingers.

The next morning we hiked down to the bottom of the falls, it took us about 30minutes to find our way down there but it was worth every step. Getting to watch the power of the falls crash into the river was incredible. The pure power of the water, the sound filling our ears and the cool mist spraying us in the face made us stop and pause life for a bit. We even made friends with a Mallard duck who was of the opinion we should have brought him some food and followed us around for our selfies.

This experience showed us that taking to others and following their suggests instead of charting every step is definitely the way to go on this great big adventure.That’s why we ask you, where should we go?