Oconee State Park

Mountain Rest, SC

We went chasing Waterfalls while we were staying at Oconee State Park. They were a bit tricky to find at first but thankfully stopping to ask random strangers about the local falls proved to be beyond helpful. Not only did they tell us how to get to each trailhead they told us their top 3 favorites in the area!Our first fall of the day turned out to be our favorite, it was King Creek Falls. A short hike to this powerful fall had J’s adventurous side going at full steam; we might need to start bringing his water leg for these water adventures!

Our second fall was Spoonauger Falls, another one told to us by a kind stranger.She gave us the tip that many people come across a smaller fall and stop their journey but if we kept going we would get to see one of the most impressive falls in the area. She was 100% right, along the ways we saw 2 smaller falls and if we had not been warned to keep going we might have turned around not knowing what laid ahead.

Issaqueena Falls was the most commercial fall we went to in the Oconee Area. It had plenty of parking, picnic tables, hiking trails down to the bottom and a fair amount of people. It was beautiful and the story behind it made it even more wonderful, everyone loves happily ever after stories!

We look forward to heading back to the area to see more falls, visit with dear friends who live nearby and see how much more we can find!