Picking up our RV

Coachmen Galleria

As we mentioned in our blog post“Galleria of Anticipation”, we decided to purchase the 2018 B Coachmen Galleria 24FL. Since we purchased the unit at the Hershey RV show our unit was going to be built and we were given the expected completion date range of end of November or beginning of December. This also afforded us opportunity to ask for handicap accessibility features. The Coachmen staff added reinforced support handles in the wet bath to make it easier for J to use the shower as his prosthetic must be removed for showering.Another advantage of not receiving our coach immediately was it offered more(much needed) time to get really ready for full time RV life.

When you do not leave the lot with your RV it affords the option of the pick up being conducted either at the dealer or the manufacturer. We opted for the manufacturer pickup because A.) We are suckers for factory tours (if you know of any please add them to our “where should we go” section), B.) We wanted to thank the people who literally build our dream home and C.) Since we are newbies to RVing in general who better to show the “ins and outs” of our new home than the people who built her. Once we received notice our coach was going to be completed (November 10th – Happy Birthday Marines!) we planned our “Bermuda Land Triangle” trip (Instagram @hopalongrving #blt2017)!

We rented a car so we wouldn’t have to drive two back and headed out on our trip. As mentioned previously, we formed and almost immediate connection with the Coachmen Sales Manager Mike. We were blessed enough to have him pick us up from the rental car agency where we dropped the car and headed to receive a tour of Coachmen’s 230-acre complex!! There were RV chassis and completed models for as far as we could see!

We were absolutely overwhelmed with amazement trying to process the completed products start out like this….

Coachmen builds the Class B style van on both the Ford and Mercedes chassis. What is mind blowing is how quickly the manufacturing process is achieved. The Class A’s and C’s are being produced at about 20 – 30 units a day where the Class B’s are about 2 a day. The vast difference in production is due to the limited workspace available in a Class B. There isn’t enough room for multiple people to be working at one time. We were astounded to see how the Mercedes chassis went form an empty shell with an engine to a fully functional home complete with all the technology we could ask for. The detail, skill and craftsmanship Coachmen employs building a coach is mind blowing.

The most incredible part of the trip and experience was having the ability to personally thank the individuals responsible for making our new home