Red Oak Creek

Woodbury, GA

A wonderful piece of history in the Woodbury, GA area is the Red Oak Creek covered bridge. We were fortunate enough to have been taken there and shown the bridge by Mr. Lovett. The Red oak creek covered bridge was built in the 1840s by freed slaved and noted bridge builder Horace King. King built the bridge using a crisscrossing of planks at 45 and 60 degree angles and each joint is fastened with over 2,500 wooden pegs! This is the last surviving bridge created by Horace King and at over 390 feet it is the oldest and longest wooden covered bridge in all of Georgia. This bridge is amazing, you can stop and explore on foot and even drive over it still. The construction of this sturdy marvel is remarkable, especially considering it was built before the modern tools we have now. A recently added addition is an audio tour at the entrance of the bridge, it covers King’s life as a freed slave, the relationship he had with his former master, his bridge building business, his activism during the civil war and many other interesting facts. The bridge is handicap accessible in that a car can park at the entrance with ease and there is minimal traffic on the bridge so exploring at leisure is possible. A definite must see if you are in the area.