Toyota Tour

Georgetown, KY

Our tour of the Toyota factory was filled with laughs, entertainment and a spectacular amount of information provided by our tour guide Judy. She truly made the experience more than expected. As we broke down in our groups she went ahead and provided us some quick wit which was extra, but free of charge. "Why does a chicken coup have two doors?" she asked. "Because if it had four it would be a sedan!"

Toyota builds 2,000 cars and 2,600 engines a day. The reason for the additional engines is they ship them to other Toyota factories. In 1988 the vary first Camry rolled off the line in this newly built Toyota factory. The factory is so enormous, it has a roof equivalent to 169 football fields. There is a fully functioning medical bay, fire department, 6x cafeteria/cafe areas, clothing store and a gym!

The factory in Kentucky is the only place where Toyota Avalons are built. This factory produces all three Avalon, Camry, and Lexus sedans. The difference in production of the Camry/Avalon versus the Lexus is in the time the employees have to perform their particular portion of the assembly. With the Camry/Avalon the average is 60 seconds to perform a task where Lexus it is 244 seconds.

We had an amazing time during our tour of hte Toyota factory and will definitely do it again when we are back in the area. If you happen to be anywhere near make some time, take a detour put it on the calendar and head there. It is worth it to see how a factory works and products are made.