Welcome to Spectre

Mythical Millbrook, AL

The“town” is actually a long abandoned movie set on a stunning island that is frequented by fishers and tourists alike. We actually found out about the location when researching for our Bermuda Land Triangle trip and all the posts were about 2 years old so we headed that way expecting to be disappointed by the small amount of set left but we were pleasantly surprised!

To get to this magical location: use the address of 1810 Cypress Lane Millbrook, AL 36054. Follow your GPS, when you get to a gate follow the instructions provided. Place your money ($3 per person) in the provided envelope with your license plate number and then call one of the provided numbers to receive a gate code. We took this picture November 2017, so if anything has changed feel free to let us know so we can update our post.

There is a road that travels the around the island that will lead you straight to the town of Spectre (and the bathrooms too :P). There were several boats around the island fishing as well as some gentlemen fishing from the shore. The island was tranquil and surrounded by beautiful cypress trees. We will definitely becoming back with the RV someday.