Wrapping Up

Wilmington, NC

We have spent the last decade plus calling Wilmington, NC home. We love this city,we grew into adults in this city, we brag about all the things Wilmington has to offer constantly. We had a hard time deciding to leave and then we remembered we can come back any time we want!

In leaving the “normal” life we lived and preparing for our new perpetual motion life we had many small details that had to be tended to. We had Doctors to see,friends to visit, insurance to move, returning of vehicle tags and all the odds and ends touristy stuff we just had to do again.

We feel so fortunate to have so many supportive people in our lives. Our family,friends, neighbors and former co-workers have been unbelievably encouraging of our plan to go Full Time RVing across the country. At times when we doubted it could even work they were the one’s who’s shear excitement we drew upon to push forward. In closing out our time in Wilmington it was wonderful to get to visit with friends, hear their suggestions for stops and say goodbye.