How do you afford to travel full time?

Planning, budgeting like crazy, and downsizing. We sold everything we own and you'd be surprised when you don't have bills how far your income or budget can stretch. Our monthly required bills include cell phones (prepaid plans), vehicle insurance, health care, and mail service. J created a level 13-wizard Excel spreadsheet he figures and plans our budget off of every month. The fluctuating costs of this lifestyle include our lodging for campgrounds, groceries and fuel costs. (Financial Freedom)

What happens when you fight?

Us fight?! NEVER!! Haha just kidding. We are preemptive as possible about our fights, but have been not just in this lifestyle but life in general. We make sure C is fed and doesn't get hangry, get J exercise to keep him calm and communicate as much as possible. Communication sounds like a simple answer, but its amazing when you talk what you can solve.

Why do you only travel 2 - 3 hours on moving days?

We don't want to rush through this adventure and truly explore what America has to offer. All the big and small towns, hole in the walls, factories, state and federal parks, baseball and everything in between. We feel if we grind out the miles or hours on the road we would miss so much in between. We like to hop from town to town!

How long do you plan to do this?

Since we sold everything we own we made the agreement it would be no less than a year and a half. Since our great nation is so amazing and there are many wonders to see, we have planned for three years. Year one is the east coast loop, year two a west coast loop and finishing off the third year with completing anything on the bucket list left to do. Each of us has determined the bucket list items we would really love to see or do. We try and plan our route to encompass them and know we want to stretch the budget/lifestyle so we can get them done.

Why did you choose a class B (van style) RV?

We were given wise advice by a wonderful neighbor who travels with a fifth wheel to go as small as we can handle. He was definitely surprised when we showed up at the house with a class B! We used to own a boat which was larger then what C felt comfortable driving. We didn't want to make the same mistake with the RV and wanted the driving to be shared between the two of us. Additionally, some state/national parks have limits on your size and we didn't want to be restricted. Class B's are not for everyone, but absolutely the perfect choice for us. (Pro/Con RV Class)